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     We are the OZ-LINK OU, OZ standing for Australia as in 1994 we started as a subsidiary of an Australian company. Since 1995 we expanded our services to cover Canadian emigration too and in 1997 the company was registered in Estonia as officially recognized personal and business emigration consultants. 

Today after more than 20 years of operation we have a well established chain of agencies and representatives in several countries and a number of reliable and experienced partners in Canada and Australia.

Our head office operates from Tallinn (Estonia) and we offer full assessments, collation, completion & lodgment services for permanent residence visa applications (all visa classes) as well as on-arrival services in the country of destination.

Maybe the first question you are asking is why on earth people require such?

Hundreds of thousands of people around the world seek to emigrate every year, for work, more opportunities, to join family, to seek a better life for their children, to enjoy better weather and environment, to retire, start a business, invest, through boredom, challenge, adventure or because of persecution and conflicts. The traditional countries forged through years of emigration, such as Canada and Australia, no longer need everyone who applies. They are all vastly over subscribed annually in every visa class. No longer can you emigrate to these countries for a few dollars, these days emigration is expensive, complicated and very stressful.

     Individuals who lodge visa applications ON THEIR OWN in all visa classes of all countries have a failure rate of approximately forty percent or higher, foreign governments do not return fees, or need to explain visa decisions in every detail. With such a huge waiting list they also don't need to give second chances.

     Now I guess you need to know what makes us so special. We are not stuffed shirt lawyers charging huge fees. We care about people - our clients. We have processed quite a number of applications from all walks of life - from teachers and engineers to mechanics, hair-dressers and tailors. We treat each client with respect as an individual case, we don't chase fees, we offer no obligation assessments, we assist our clients through to and beyond a visa decision. 

If today you are eligible for migration and serious about it, we can advise you not to waste what may only be an opportunity that occurs once. Do not ever forget that emigration rules are often changed without prior notice, and it is wise to secure oneself from "missing the train"…
Last Updated ( Saturday, 10 February 2018 )