About Canada


Canada offers many intending migrants their best opportunity to start a new life, whilst today it is not the most expensive destination in terms of processing (application) fees. If clients can 'prove' they are due their points claimed, a Canadian visa is guaranteed.

Recently Canada again was ranked as the country with the best quality of life in the world (the United Nations Human Development Report). It beat off 173 other nations. In contrast to Canada the UK e.g. trailed in tenth place only. Today Canada is still on the list of five countries with the highest quality of life in the world.

Based on immigration 'factors' of education, age, sponsor, validated job offer, adaptability, knowledge of English and/or French, and work experience an applicant can make up points for guaranteed emigration ( C-11 Immigration Act ).

The Canadian system, arguably the best immigration policy in the world, maintains that applicants must be of sound health, the detrimental health of any applicant can cause the rejection of the whole application. The same applies to 'criminal convictions' for any applicant. A conviction for drink driving, assault, drugs offences, theft and upwards would generally result in rejection of VISA.

The Immigration Minister of Canada has recently declared that the country could sustain a migrant intake of up to 1% of the country's population - which would equate to 300,000 migrants annually.

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 17 July 2007 )